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Best Technology

Best Technology is a Hong Kong registered company whom focused on MCPCB, FR4 PCB, Ceramic PCB, Special PCB such as Heavy Copper (up to 20 OZ), and PCB assembly service.
PCB Prototype Service

PCB Prototype Service

we provide PCB prototype service with FR4 PCB, Ceramic PCB, MCPCB, HDI PCB, heavy copper PCB, High TG PCB, RF PCB and so on. Pls let us know if you have any questions about PCB.
PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing process is different for different PCB factories, different layers of PCB, but some steps are same and all of them will have to do.
PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

We offer Printed Circuit Board Assembly and complete solutions. We provide our client with electronic and mechanical assemblies built to client specifications at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest product quality.

lead time for pcb prototypes, with standard specification, less than 1 sq meter.

We can also provide both normal delivery service and fast service, and urgent boards can be shipped out within 24 hours! You can choose suitable service according to your schedule. Please note without special notes, all the price we quoted is based on normal delivery.

Please email us about the order urgency, your job will be processed as top priority with some extra fee paid.

Also to be noted that we’re in China, in time zoe “GMT+8”, and deadline for order submitted is 17:00 PM (GMT+8).

Orders placed on weekends and public holidays, we will calculate next business day as the first day of order.

Lead time for MCPCB prototypes, with standard specification, less than 1 sq meter.

Normal Service
Fastest Service
4 Days
24 H
14 Days
168 H
21 Days

—MCPCB Standard Specification: normal Aluminum material 0.8~2.0mm, H/H or 2OZ, HAL(LF), White oil, black silkscreen, thernmal conductivity: 0.8W/C-K.

(Please note our current production will affect the time, call us if time is urgent for). For Special board, please contact us for details.

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Best Technology, established on June 28, 2006, is a Hong Kong registered company who focuses on MCPCB, LED PCB, Special PCB such as Heavy Copper (up to 20 OZ), and PCB assembly service. BEST begins to As a printed circuit board (PCB) vendor in Asia, we are dedicated to be your best partner of advance, high-precision printed circuit boards, such as heavy copper boards, mixed layers, impedance controlled board, Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) such as Aluminum PCB, Copper PCB, and so on.

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